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Cicala Round table Ø 80 cm

£ 850
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The Cicala collection has a certain undulating quality, evoking the plant kingdom but never straying from purity of form. In the armchair and square table, the union of teak and stainless steel and the harmonious curves enchant, while the diverging armrests of the chair confer comfort and elegance. The round table, in granite, has a primitive, dancing quality, with every angle presenting different contours. The proportions of Cicala were diligently designed to make the collection both intimate and welcoming.


Material : Painted Stainless Steel & Granit Top Table
Height : 77 cm
Number of people : 2
Diameter : 80 cm
Plate thickness : 20 mm
Weight : 33 kg


Julie Richoz
Julie Richoz

After graduating from ECAL, Julie Richoz assisted Pierre Charpin for three years before opening her own design studio in Paris in 2012. In the same year, she won the Grand Prix du Design at Villa Noailles. The diversity of her creations are a testament to her passion for the infinite palette of materials, including glass, ceramic, tapestry and teak. Case in point: for Tectona, teak was combined with stainless steel and granite.

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