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Muse Oak bench (small model)

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The new Muse seating provides a level of flexibility that is well suited to spaces that never stop changing such as Muse Picasso-Paris, for which it was created, and other spaces with ever-changing scenography. You can combine the benches in twos or threes, in fact in any way you like, thanks to a nifty design whereby benches can be interlocked discreetly. These pieces invite contemplation and meditation — who would not be delighted to have them at home or to encounter them in a hotel lobby? This collection, in oak, is for indoor use only. The small bench model measures 75 cm. Two or more benches must be combined to create a pleasant and inviting seat.


Material : Varnished Oak
Height : 44 cm
Width : 75 cm
Depth : 46 cm
Weight : 9 kg


Isabelle Baudraz
Isabelle Baudraz

After completing jewellery studies, Isabelle Baudraz entered ECAL, the famous Swiss school of design. In her second year of study, in 2017, she took part in a competition organised by ECAL and Musée National Picasso-Paris for the renewal of the museum’s seating. Her bench, Muse, received unanimous acclaim from the jury, not only for the ease with which it can be moved and its solidity, but also for its ability to blend in harmoniously with the 17th-century architecture of Hôtel Salé and with the decorative elements by Diego Giacometti. 

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