Squadra Shower with mixer + square showerhead Ø 25 cm

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For all weather conditions The Squadra shower features a thermostatic mixer so you can set the water temperature; the position of the showerhead is adjustable. The rectangular section of the column betrays a modernist slant, as does the square showerhead (available in two dimensions). Brushed stainless steel tempers the brilliance of the metal. The piece incorporates a foot shower using cold water. For added comfort, a teak duckboard is available as an option. Composition : • Square showerhead 25 cm • mixer valve for adjusting the temperature of the overhead shower and a cold water tap for a foot shower Characteristics: • Connection to water supply: either at the rear of the base or the bottom of the base, to a fixed plumbing system


Material : Stainless Steel
Height : 220 cm
Width : 10 cm
Depth : 5 cm
Weight : 20 kg

Maintenance tips

1. How to maintain your outdoor shower in stainless steel ?
Your shower is in marine grade 316L stainless steel. So you have no risk of rust. If your shower has never been serviced, there may be brown spots or stains (also called "tea stains") that are caused by the removal of fine particles of pollution from the surrounding atmosphere or by the spray. We recommend cleaning the stainless steel with a cleaning paste "Silver Stone" or "Clay Stone". Put dough on a damp abrasive sponge and rub in the direction of brushing then rinse well with clear water so as not to leave whitish traces. For routine maintenance and to keep the shine of your shower, you can use a classic stainless steel cleaner (type Spray Inox).

2. What should you do as winter approaches?
- Cut the water inflow(s)
- Disconnect the hoses from your shower
- Leave all faucets in the open position
If you own a shower with hand shower or a foot rinse, we recommend unscrewing the flexible part and handshower to avoid water remaining in the bend of the hose.
If you own a shower with a thermostatic faucet, we recommend removing the thermostatic cartridge as this is the most sensitive part to the cold.

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