Niagara Shower

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Voluptuous curves In the Niagara shower, teak is sculpted into a round duckboard and a smooth-cornered column cut from a single block, highlighting the sensual side of outdoor living. The joy of outdoor showering is enhanced by sensual imagery. In practical terms, the shower is light hence easy to move and it connects to an ordinary garden hose. The water pipe and the showerhead, both made from stainless steel, are resistant to the sunshine, rain, cold and sea air! Composition : Round showerhead Ø 17,5 cm ¼ tour tap Round teak duckboard Ø 90 cm Characteristics: The shower must be connected at the rear of the base


Material : Teak
Height : 225 cm
Diameter : 90 cm
Weight : 45 kg

Maintenance tips

1. How to maintain your teak outdoor shower?
It is strongly recommended to carry out, once a year, a washing with soapy water to rid your furniture of impurities. Teak is a naturally rot-proof wood. It does not need to be painted or oiled and is particularly suitable for outdoor use.

2. How to keep the original color of your wood outdoor shower?
- If your shower has never been serviced, cleaned once a year and turned gray, we recommend that you clean it with Net-Trol to remove impurities, stains, mold and previous treatments.

- If your shower has been maintained, we recommend that you first clean it with soapy water and a brush and then apply a layer of wood fixative that will delay the grey patina. This product is also effective against stains.

3. Should you oil or varnish your outdoor shower?
Teak oil or linseed oil are absolutely not effective, the life of your shower will not be lengthened. The varnish is useless.

4. You want to leave your outdoor shower skate?
No treatment is necessary, the wood naturally takes on a gray-silver hue.

5. What should you do as winter approaches?
- Cut the water inflow(s)
- Disconnect the hoses from your shower
- Leave all faucets in the open position
If you own a shower with hand shower or a foot rinse, we recommend unscrewing the flexible part and handshower to avoid water remaining in the bend of the hose.
If you own a shower with a thermostatic faucet, we recommend removing the thermostatic cartridge as this is the most sensitive part to the cold.

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