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Set of cushions (seat and back) for the chair and armchair in heather grey Sunbrella Natté. Seat cushion 45 x 37 x 03 cm Back cushion 45 x 25 x 03 cm


Material : Sunbrella
Width : 45 cm
Depth : 25 cm
Thickness : 3 cm
Weight : 1 kg



BIG-GAME was founded in 2004 by three ECAL design graduates: Elric Petit, Grégoire Jeanmonod and Augustin Scott de Martinville. Since then, the creative energy infused in their work has won over some of the biggest names in design in Europe and Japan. No category of objects is off-limits: from furniture and kitchen knives, to stationery, watches… The trio approach every project with the same delight.

Maintenance tips

1. How to maintain and clean your outdoor cushions and mattresses ?
All our cushion and mattress covers are specially designed to resist to water, grease and UV rays. Easy to clean, these fabrics retain their colors over time. We recommend to clean your cushion and mattress with soapy water and a soft brush. Most of our covers are machine washable at 30°C; do not spin or tumble dry.

2. How can you clean a stain on your mattress or outdoor cushion ?
For aqueous tasks: it is necessary to rehydrate them by dabbing with one hand while drying with the other, on the back with a clean cloth. For greasy stains: buffer before any applying stain remover. In order to avoid halos, always buffer from the outside to the center of the stain. Consult the instructions of the products or consult a dry cleaner.

3. How to preserve the Batyline fabric ?
Batyline is an indeformable canvas - while flexible, it is exceptionally resistant. Even with intensive use, its longevity is assured. It is very simple and easy to maintain. Use exclusively Batyline Clean* to clean your fabric. Good to know : Solvents and detergents are to be avoided.

4. How to preserve the Sunbrella fabric ?
Sunbrella fabric is designed to combine the highest level of design and performance. Maintenance is easy. We recommend that you follow these steps:
a) Remove the dirt with a brush;
b) Prepare a cleaning solution by mixing water and mild soap or dishwashing liquid;
c) Clean with a soft bristle brush;
d) Wait until the cleaning solution enters the fabric;
e) Rinse thoroughly until all the soap scum is completely removed;
f) Dry in the air.

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