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California Footwash with mixer

£ 1,550
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This 1m-tall post is an alternative to the classic tall shower. The robust structure of beautiful proportions takes up little space, making for a discreet installation. The post is equipped with a ¼-turn tap for a foot shower and a handheld showerhead. The mass of water released by the small showerhead provides a refreshing and extremely gentle sensation on contact with the skin. Options : •Teak duckboard 75×80 cm •Protective cover •Inline mixing valve


Material : Teak
Height : 100 cm
Width : 17 cm
Depth : 11 cm
Weight : 8 kg

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1. How to maintain your teak outdoor shower ? 2. How to keep the original color of your wood outdoor shower ? 3. Should you oil or varnish your outdoor shower? 4. You want to leave your outdoor shower skate ? 5. What should you do as winter approaches ?
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