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Grande Ecurie - Versailles Polished oak bench

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Grande Écurie - Versailles was inspired by two oak benches belonging to the heritage collections of the Château de Versailles. Both had eventful lives before being honoured by Tectona. In the hands of Jean-Yves Grandfils, a Meilleur Ouvrier de France exercising his talents at Tectona, the Grande Ecurie - Versailles bench has now been adapted for use by the general public, including visitors to the Château de Versailles and private individuals. Some changes were made: the seat, originally in velvet, is now wooden but the visual impression remains unaltered. The use of mortise-and-tenon joints, in accordance with traditional cabinet-making techniques, is preserved, in order to provide the required sturdiness to this historic bench.


Material : Varnished Oak
Height : 46 cm
Width : 183 cm
Depth : 48 cm
Number of people : 4
Weight : 26 kg

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