1800 1800 Bench - BLUE

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In 2006, Tectona produced its first piece in powder-coated aluminium, a reworking of the bench, originally in wrought iron, of the Directory style. The finesse and the equilibrium of the powder-coated aluminium structure, blue-grey or black, confer a delicate grace to the bench which went on to inspire the 1800 collection. The bench comes with a white Sunbrella seat cushion.


Material : Powder-coated aluminium
Height : 87 cm
Seat height : 48 cm
Width : 160 cm
Depth : 53 cm
Seat Depth : 48 cm
Number of people : 3
Pillows : Inlcus, le coussin d'assise de banc en Sunbrella (100% acrylique). Remplissage du coussin Quick Dry Foam 100% mousse polyuréthane 30kg/m3.
Weight : 12 kg

Maintenance tips

1. How to maintain your aluminum furniture?
Maintenance is easy, washing with soapy water and a sponge is enough.

2. What are the advantages of aluminum furniture?
Light and robust, this furniture is easy to move. Aluminum does not rust, so it can be placed without any fear at the seaside. Aluminum is extremely resistant to abrasion.

3. How to clean your cushions?
All our cushions are designed with a canvas that is resistant to water, greasy substances and UV rays. Maintenance is easy, here are the steps to follow for an effective result!
- Remove the dirt with a brush
- Prepare a cleaning solution by mixing water and mild soap or dishwashing liquid
- Clean with a soft bristle brush
- Wait for the cleaning solution to penetrate the fabric
- Rinse thoroughly until all the soap scum is completely removed
- Dry in the air
For greasy stains: buffer before any application of stain remover. To avoid halos, always buffer from the outside to the center of the stain. Consult the instructions for the products used or consult a dry cleaner.

4. Is it possible to paint your outdoor furniture ?
To repaint your furniture, use exterior glyceride paint after applying a clean, dry surface primer.

5. You wish to repair you furniture?
Feel free to contact us for any assitance.

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