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Maintenance product

Wood sealer - 1L

Maintenance product

Net Trol

Maintenance product

Batyline care

Maintain your garden furniture Clean your teak garden furniture once a year, remember to protect your cushions during the winter. Discover our maintenance products for teak garden furniture. Tectona also offers a product to clean and maintain the Batyline canvas, specially designed for outdoors. Do you want to keep the light color of your teak wood? you want to delay the gray patina? Use our maintenance products to extend the life of your furniture. Teak wood loves water and hates oil. You can sober the wood with the net trol product. You can use the woodsealer to slow down the gray patina of your solid teak garden furniture. It is important to winterize some of your patio furniture to protect them during the cold season. Discover all our protective covers for garden furniture. The protective covers are lightweight and custom designed for Tectona garden furniture. Shelter your garden furniture, sun loungers and teak garden chairs to protect them. Tectona furniture is made to last and be passed down from generation to generation. Tectona has been around for over 40 years and carefully selects the best materials for its customers. The customer service is optimal, the delivery is very fast in 7 days at your place!

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