Our working methods are ethical: the human touch cannot be replaced. Tectona draws as much on the know-how of the craftsman for wooden and woven resin furniture and for traditional parasols – as that of the engineer – for furniture in aluminium or fibreglass. Only a craftsman is able to bend a wooden slat, to weave resin fibres like wicker, to thread a tenon or peg a mortise joint, or there again to conceive the right curve in the ribs of a parasol for it to stand up to the wind. Such attention to detail is what underlies the quality of Tectona furniture.


Much like a garden made to last, Tectona furniture is designed to be handed down generations.

- Timeless contours ensure that several generations will spend many unforgettable moments in the company of our furniture.

- Materials chosen for their beauty and their ability to resist the passing of the seasons and years


We envision a future enriched by the exchanges we instigate with designers sensitive to the creative potential of our brand and whose contributions reflect the rigorous pursuit of perfection combining traditional know-how with the most advanced technologies. From Andrée Putman to the Frères Bouroullec, and also Pierre Charpin, Barber&Osgerby, Wieki Somers and Normal Studio, the Tectona spirit continues to evolve, always maintaining that perfect balance between tradition, modernity and innovation.

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