Here are the different steps to follow to change your umbrella canvas by your self :



  1. Close the parasol and set it horizontally on a table.

  2. Take the top wooden end using a screw driver.

  3. Using a cutter, remove the threads to take off the top part of the cotton cover (C).

  4. Cut with a pair of cutting pliers , the head of the old nails that keep the metallic ends to the rib ends. Nail the part that may be sticking out in the wood.

  5. Using a pair of pliers take out the staples that maintain the main part of the cotton cover on the ribs.Remove the cotton cover.

  6. Clean the ribs and the mast not to spoil the new cover.



  1. Replace the old cotton re-enforcements on the ribs by the new ones (H)

  2. Put the mast in its steel base and open the parasol slightly.

  1. Position the new cover (B) on the wooden frame.

  2. Nail the end (the corners) of the new cover to the end of the ribs making sure that the cloth cover ¾ of the rib end. Use only one small nail (D) at each end: illustration N°1

  3. Always start by the corners following the order specified in;: Illustration N°2

  • Fix the metallic end (F) to the ribs using the large nails (E). Use 2 nails by metallic ends one on the top and one on the end.

  • Open the parasol fully.

  • Carefully bring the parasol down in its opened position and rest it on its ribs.

  • Clouer le haut de la toile sur la baleine en intercalant les carrés de tissu G. (1 petite pointe + carré de tissu) : schéma n°3

  • Nail the top of the cotton cover to the ribs using one small nail and one small cotton square (G), for each rib. Seeillustration N°3

  • Position the top part of the cotton cover (C) and sow the 6 ends to the main part of the parasol cover. Use the sewing kit supplied. Make sure the ends sown 5cm higher than their length to avoid damage when the parasol is closed. If this procedure is not followed you run the danger of ripping your new parasol cover.

  • Put back the wooden top end of the parasol (A) and screw it on.

Bring back the parasol to its vertical position.





 Légendes :

  1. Wooden top end (1)

  2. Canvas (1)

  3. Top part of the cover(1)

  4. Small nails (16)

  5. Large nails (16)

  6. Metal end to the ribs (8)

  7. Cotton squares (8)

  8. Cotton reinforcements (8)

  9. Sewing kit (1)



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