A wide choice of garden showers! The garden shower has for several years become essential for a good summer in the cool. The outdoor shower is no longer just for the inside of your home! Indeed, the garden shower fits easily into any decor: in wood, stainless steel, powder coated steel or solar, the garden shower will allow you to enjoy sunny days. Where is the best place for your garden shower: 1 / On your terrace, it's always nice to cool off, especially if you don't have a pool. 2 / Next to your swimming pool, out of sight. You will be happy to shower to refresh yourself after a good sunbath on your deck chair. 3 / Leaving the seaside, returning from the beach you will be happy to be able to desalinate yourself. Maintaining garden showers is easy. It is important to winterize your garden shower. It is absolutely necessary to cut off the water supply. If your shower has a hand shower, it is important to unscrew the flexible part to prevent water from remaining in the bent part of the hose. For 316L stainless steel showers or powder coated steel outdoor showers, use a conventional stainless steel cleaner. For wooden showers, we recommend that you wash your shower once a year with soapy water and a soft brush to remove dirt. Installing a garden shower is easy. Here are the questions to ask yourself before installing your shower: 1 / Where are the water inlets? 2 / Do you want hot and cold water? if so, you need a mixer on your shower. 3 / Where is your connection for wastewater? A garden shower will easily find its place on your terrace next to your garden furniture. Tectona offers a wide range of garden sofa, resin fireside chair, rocking chair and chaise longue to rest and enjoy your outdoors. A garden chest can be useful for storing garden tools, but can serve as a seating for last-minute guests. Take care of your dining table: with folding wooden chairs, you can add a seat pad for even more comfort. A vegetable garden can be nice next to your meal set, you can cook your fruits and vegetables easily. Specialist in high-end and design garden furniture, Tectona has existed for over 40 years. The selection of materials is very important, the choice of wood is essential, especially solid teak to provide you with robust outdoor furniture that will last for years to come. Tectona furniture is made to be transmitted. The customer service is optimal and the delivery very fast, in 7 days in your garden.

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