Fioriere e vasi

Grandi vasi da giardino

Consegna gratuita sopra i
1500 € di acquisto

Consegna a domicilio
in 10 giorni lavorativi

Consigli & acquisti
02 65 34 23

Pagamento sicuro
Carta di credito, assegno o bonifico bancario

Close Livraison

Time limit
The delay is 5 to 10 days

Upon receipt of your order check that the number and description of the packages indicated on the slip presented by the driver correspond to those that you receive.

Unpack the items to check their condition.

If you notice any difference or damage, please describe them precisely on the slip before signing. Compliance with these precautions will allow us to easily resolve, without inconvenience to you, possible delivery incidents.

Fioriere e vasi