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Designer outdoor rugs designed to stay outside in your garden! Designed for outdoors, in an ultra resistant synthetic fiber, these elegant rugs are entirely handcrafted, in Portugal, on traditional looms which, a guarantee of quality and precision, require 3 hours of work per m2. Available in different color combinations, always two-tone, the patterns of these braided rugs take up traditional geometric designs, treated in a contemporary spirit to dress floors with chic and subtlety. Delicate notes of color, they add to the harmony of the decor, are perfectly placed in a summer dining room or a winter garden. Mixing easily with a garden furniture teak, metal or resin, these rugs whose material evokes that used for the ropes of the boats are ultra simple to maintain. Flexible and robust at the same time, they fear neither water nor the sun and withstand passages very well. They are adopted in all circumstances and in all latitudes to create warm and friendly outdoor atmospheres. Tectona furniture is made to last and be passed down from generation to generation. Tectona has been around for over 40 years and carefully selects the best materials for its customers. The customer service is optimal, the delivery is very fast in 7 days at your place!

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