Accueil Outdoor Green Carpet - By Casa Lopez pour Tectona

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Designed by Casa Lopez exclusively for Tectona, specifically for outdoor use, in an ultra-strong synthetic fiber, these elegant carpets are entirely hand-crafted in Portugal on traditional looms that guarantee quality and precision. 3 hours of work per m2.

Proposed in different combinations of colors, always two-colored, the motifs of these rugged carpets reflect traditional geometric designs, treated in a contemporary spirit to dress the floors with chic and subtlety.

Delicate color notes, they add to the harmony of the decor, are placed with perfection in a summer dining room or a winter garden.

Mixing easily with furniture in teak, metal or resin, these carpets whose material evokes that used for the ropes of the boats are very easy to maintain. Flexible and robust at the same time, they do not fear the water or the sun and support the passages very well.

They are adopted in all circumstances and at all latitudes to create warm and friendly outdoor atmospheres.

Maintenance tips

1. What are the characteristics of this carpet?
This rug is hand woven in Portugal. Its composition is 100% Polypropylene. The carpet must be installed on a flat, dry and clean surface. It exists in 3 colors: blue, coral and green...

2. How to maintain your carpet?
This carpet does not require any particular maintenance. This carpet has a high UV resistance. Colored carpets offer a high solidity in the sun, at the sea and swimming pool water.

3. What are the washing instructions?
Not allowed the use of chlorine bleach. No other special treatments.

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