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Florida Round Parasol Ø 2.60 m

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£ 1,510
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First developed in Florida, a state known for its violent winds, this parasol makes use of the same advanced technology tested in the aeronautical industry. Textilene is an extremely light and resistant canvas.

Sold without steel base - We recommend a steel base of 45 kg.


Material : Aluminum and Canvas
Height : 2,65 m
Weight : 18 kg
Parasol dimensions : Ø 2,60 m

Maintenance tips

1. How to maintain your parasol?
Dust and then spray the canvas evenly. Detergents désimpermeabilize the canvas, they are therefore to proscribe. We recommend that you always close the sunshade after use even in summer.

2. How to protect your parasol?
On sunny days, close your umbrella after each use. In winter, store it in a dry place. Wrap your umbrella in a storage bag or an old dry cloth; absolutely avoid plastic storage.

3. How to avoid mold?
Remember to never close a wet umbrella. Wait until it is completely dry to close it and prevent it from getting damaged. When the weather deteriorates, we think especially of autumn and winter, do not forget to bring in the umbrella.

4. How to change his umbrella canvas?

Option 1: Tectona sends you a new canvas and you change it yourself (it takes about 2 hours of work, thread and a needle).

Option 2: Tectona takes care of everything: we recover your parasol, we change the fabric in our workshop and we deliver your umbrella as new. It takes between 4 and 6 weeks for this job.

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